Signs that a Girl Doesn’t Like You
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Signs that a Girl Doesn’t Like You

There is no magic way of determining whether a girl likes you or not. However, there are signs that will out rightly tell you that a girl is not into you. And even if you continue to assume that she will eventually come around and fall on your arms, things won’t work if she doesn’t like you. That’s why you should know how to tell if a girl doesn’t like you.

Here are signs by las vegas escort agency that a girl doesn’t like you:

She Doesn’t Answer Your Texts

Women are naturally communicative creatures. If you text a girl, she will feel obliged to answer you. The only time a girl won’t reply to your text is when she doesn’t like you. Therefore, if a pretty girl doesn’t respond to your text message, it shows that she doesn’t like you. Don’t believe if she tells you that she forgot or she was very busy. Know that if a girl is not responding to your texts, it’s a sign that she just doesn’t like you. In fact, even when a girl is playing hard to get, she will reply your message only that she may take time to do so.

She is Forever Busy

Maybe you are trying to date a professional that is climbing up the corporate ladder. Nevertheless, if she is really into you, she will give you priority over other things in her life. A girl that is always too busy to have time for you could be making things up. It’s important that you find out whether she is just making up excuses just to avoid you. This is one of the most common signs that a girl doesn’t like you.

She Avoids the Old Places where You Met Her

According to hire las vegas escorts girls women are habitual creatures. If a girl has a favorite hang out joint, she will go to that place all the time unless when trying to avoid something or someone. If you try to frequent the place where you met a girl so that you can run into her but you no longer find her there, she is most likely avoiding you. That means she doesn’t like you.

She Always Leave When She Sees You

If a girl has already suspected that you are interested in her and she quickly leaves when you show up, it means she is not into you. In fact, this is a sign that she is ignoring and avoiding you. Basically, women hate confrontation. They also don’t like telling a man that they don’t like him because that would hurt him. Therefore, they opt to avoid men that they don’t like. As such, if a girl leaves whenever you show up at a venue, take this as a hint that she doesn’t like you.

She Shows You Her Bad Traits

A girl that does not like you will point out all her bad qualities while downplaying her good traits so that you can hate her. She can even tell lies just to put you off. Pointing out her faults is a sure way of telling you to find another girl that’s ideal for you.

Naturally, no man wants to admit that a girl is not into him. However, most girls won’t tell men that they don’t like them on their face. Instead, they use these and other signs to show men that they don’t like them.


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